Pack Hoverboard (E-ZIGO34) + Kart (E-ZIGO52)

Pack Hoverboard (E-ZIGO34) + Kart (E-ZIGO52)

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Pack Hoverboard (E-ZIGO34) + Kart (E-ZIGO52)

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This is a the perfect combination to challenge the road !! Hoverboard + Kart with steering wheel at the same time (2 pieces within the same carton)
Transform your hoverboard into an all new exciting electric kart with this HoverKart attachment. You to easily attach your 6.5 / 8,5 and 10 boards directly to the kart and go cruising around within seconds. The kart is a simple but very durable design which can be put together by following a straight-forward manual which will get it built in no time, not only is it quick to build it also fits to almost every model of hoverboard from 6.5″ to 10″ wheeled hoverboards. It’s as easy as putting two simple locking-straps on and attached to the sensor pads, adjusting the frame then it’s ready for action! With basic control leavers you can easily control the movement of your hoverboard; forwards, backwards and left/right and the ability to perform 360 degree spins on the spot, pull wheelies and even drift! You can reach a maximum speed of 15km/h and a recommended continuous use up-to an hour, cruise with your friends with this awesome double strut frame and a racing seat. This allows to experience you a real cruising and riding experience.

Product size:660*270*270mm
Color:Red FLAME
Maximal weight it can support :120kg
Highest Speed:15KM\H
Charging time : 1-2H
Battery life:1h
Battery:2x350W/36V*4.4AH lithium – SAMSUNG
Tyres diameter : 21,6cm /10 inch
Voltage – AC110-220V 50-60Hz
Packaging :71,5*34,5*33,5CM,1PCS/CTN, Total weight : 14,4KG
Hoverboard Deluxe Converter, with steering wheel, suspensions and bucket seat
Black and red

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